Skian Mhor

Costumes and weapons for live role play (LRP)

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Lamia Leathers

Leather costumes and armour

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Offa Studio

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Mhorish catering

In-character event catering

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Even Mhor

Larger projects and set pieces

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Skian Mhor, Lamia Leather and Offa Studio – No1 in Scotland, UK for props, leatherwork, special effects, and latex weapons for live role play (LRP), TV and theatre.

What we do

For over thirty years, Skian Mhor have been making props, special effects, and foam & latex weapons for live role play (LRP), TV and theatre. In partnership with Lamia Leathers, who have been making leather costumes, armour and accessories since 1985, we aim to bring you everything you need for you to look the part of your role and character. We have a wide range of ready-made stock, but equally, we love to create custom designs in collaboration with our clients. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch to discuss a custom order and we will be delighted to help.