Latest Past Events

PD Empire 4

Dadford Road campsite

Join us one last time in 2020 for the 4th and final Empire game of the season. Meal tickets will be online until the 7th when we leave our little village and travel south.

Curious Pastimes Renewal

Paccar Scout Camp

It's Renewal again! Hurray! Join us at Paccar for the last mainline CP event of the year. Meal tickets will be available online until the 23rd, so save yourself the stress at the event and pre-order.

PD Empire 3

Dadford Road campsite

Is it really that time of year already? Join us back at Dadford for the third Empire event of the year. Meal tickets will be up online until the 13th (when we leave the comfort of our shiny factory and come hang out in the sunshine/rain/snow/whatever PD throw at us).