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Welcome to Lamia Leather. We provide high-quality leather costume, armour and accessories to TV, film, theatre and live roleplay (LRP), with over thirty years’ experience in leather craft. With the exception of our replica historical pieces, nearly all of our designs are original. We work to each customer’s requirements to make tailored garments, with room for adjustment wherever possible. Lamia Leather creations have been shown in Doctor Who, Gladiator, and Maid Marion & Her Merry Men, not to mention LRP fields for the past twenty-odd years. Some Lamia Leather creations have even been digitised for a Microsoft game.

Lamia has been based in Gloucestershire since 1986, but recently relocated to Skian Mhor‘s workshop in Muirkirk, Scotland, where we will create bespoke leather scabbards and accessories to complement the weapons that they make, alongside our current offerings. We have already been selling our work on the Skian Mhor stall at LRP events for some time, as well as enjoying the gluten-free options at Mhorish.

Lamia Leather is owned by Steve Kingston, who started crafting with  Mythlore in 1986 and – apart from a few years in the army – has been making beautiful things ever since. 

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  1. Hi I brought a thick leather barbarian belt at E4 (Empire) from you which I left with you to adjust to fit a female waist a bit more shapely and re put on one of the metal embellishments. I was just wondering how long you recon it will take.

    Many thanks

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