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Mhorish is our in-character catering team, which has grown hugely over the past five years. From humble beginnings throwing together hot food for Profound Decision’s crew, to the fully staffed professional kitchen and eatery you see today! It’s been a journey of love and blood, but worth every second.

Mhorish at Curious Pastimes events

We offer hot, fresh, delicious food at reasonable prices at LRP games and other events, in our specially-created mobile field kitchen and in-character eatery.

We work flexibly with the facilities available to cater to the requirements of the organisers, whether large or small, to feed players and crew as needed. With a full canvas tent set up, we can accommodate large events in the middle of no-where (I’m looking at you, Huntley Wood!) to smaller events with their own facilities.

We can cater for the large events like Profound Decision’s Empire events, with over 2500 attendees, to the smaller events like Steamweave with just under 50 attendees.

External view of our outdoor event setup for in-character catering at LRP events

All our team work on an ‘in-character’ basis, meaning your event doesn’t have to stop when you come and eat. We threaten to feed your food to the orcs at Empire (but only if you’re not listening for your number!), spllloooooge the beans at Curious Pastimes (it’s a Ma thing, you’d have to be there to get it), and will always role-play with your character if you’ve chosen someone a bit quirky!

Contact us now to talk about how we can feed you at your next event.

Reasons why Mhorish should cater your event

  • Your a LRP event and you want to feed your players and crew in the in-character area so that they can get the most of the game, without breaking immersion or character
  • You want a caterer that is experienced in field catering, and reliably excellent at quickly feeding large volumes (up to 1000 heads per mealtime)
  • You want a caterer that won’t stop working because of a little bit of rain – in fact you’d prefer them to be able to withstand a small hurricane (yes, we have done this. Remember Storm Katie? We were at Empire. And yes, we kept on cooking!)
  • You know that your caterer is fully insured and qualified
  • You want a caterer with a solid reputation and a committed team of hard-working crew
  • You’re holding an event in a venue with pre-existing kitchen facilities, but you want someone else to do the actual catering
  • You want something a bit different but still have the same quality you expect from a professional caterer

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  1. Hiya! 😊

    We are running an event between the 17th-20th of September at Ingestre Hall, Stafforshire (magical academy larp) and we are currently looking for caterers. The event will have about 100-110 attendees (including crew). Could you please let me know if you’re free that weekend and if you could give us any quotes?

    Thank you,

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