Welcome to Mhorish event catering

Mhorish is our in-character catering arm, which has grown hugely over the past five years, since we were asked if we could help out with some catering, to the popular and varied eatery we are today. We offer hot, fresh, delicious food at reasonable prices at LRP games and other events, in our specially-created mobile field kitchen and in-character eatery. We work flexibly with the facilities available to cater to the requirements of event/game organisers, whether large or small, to feed players and crew as needed. We can bring an entire tent-based setup to your event or game, and create a restaurant, or we can work within pre-existing facilities, if suitable, to feed you.

We can do special meals for occasions, or an all-day restaurant from early until late offering breakfast, lunch and dinner specials, as well as our short-order items such as burgers and chips. Our specials are cooked on site, using fresh ingredients, and span a variety of international classics, from Thai green curry to Chinese dishes to Creole jambalaya to Mexican fajitas. Our haggis, neeps and tatties with whisky sauce has a cult following, not to mention the chicken & chorizo bake that is always a winner. Our in-character front-of-house staff are always pleased to advise you about any allergens present or special requirements, and our chefs are usually able to cater to your needs.

Contact us now to talk about how we can feed you at your next event.

Reasons to book Mhorish to cater at your event

  • Your event is a festival-style LRP event and you want to feed your players and crew in the in-character area so that they can get the most of the game, without breaking immersion or character.
  • You want a caterer that is experienced in field catering, and reliably excellent at quickly feeding large volumes (up to 2000 heads per mealtime) at a reasonable cost.
  • You want a caterer that won’t stop working because of a little bit of rain – in fact you’d prefer them to be able to withstand a small hurricane and still keep cooking (yes, we have done this!).
  • You need to know that whoever feeds your attendees is fully insured and qualified to do so.
  • You want a caterer with a solid reputation and a committed team of hard-working crew.
  • You’re holding an event in a venue with pre-existing kitchen facilities, but you want someone else to do the actual catering.
  • You want something a bit different, with more personality and less of a slick corporate feel.