We always try to make our menus inclusive and accessible for all, to cater for a variety of tastes. We know larpers tend to be hungry, tired, and cold, and in need of a hearty portion of something hot, balanced, and delicious to give the strength and the will to take on any challenges or surprises. Our events tend to fall into two categories – larger, festival-style events where we can be catering up to 1000 people per meal out of tents alongside other caterers, or smaller events within pre-existing facilities, where we will feed 20-100 people as sole caterer.

Meal tickets and drink tickets

Early bird Mhorish meal tickets for all Empire and Curious Pastimes events are available in our shop – buy before 20th April and get a free Mhorish dozen drinks ticket!

We sell Mhorish meal tickets for our large events so that players can buy all their food in advance for the weekend, at a price of £5 per meal, covering every meal during the event (e.g. £45 to cover Thursday dinner to Sunday lunchtime). This already includes a discount for bringing your own bowl or plate, so we would encourage you to do so, in advance of the “disposables tax” that will soon be coming into law.

With the Mhorish meal ticket, you can buy the “Mhorish dozen” drinks ticket for £5, which gets you 13 hot drinks, or you can buy the “Mhorish dozen” ticket for £10 on its own.

Individual meals bought at the time of the meal are usually around £6.50, though you get a 50p discount if you bring your own bowl.

Individual hot drinks and squash are £1.50, although again we offer a 50p discount if you bring your own cup.

Large event sample menu

Larger events such as Profound Decisions’ Empire, and Curious Pastimes are charged on a meal-by-meal basis, as we work alongside other caterers, giving players a choice of where to eat. We open at 8am for breakfast and remain open throughout the day, well into the evening, usually closing at 11pm, with hot food, tea, coffee, hot chocolate and squash always available.


A choice of:

  • Our six-item breakfast, which is a choice of six items of any of the following: Bacon, sausage, black pudding, scrambled eggs (or fried on request), hash browns, baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, a floured bap, Linda McCartney’s vegetarian sausage, or gluten-free sausage
  • Plain porridge or Christmas pudding porridge (made with water so suitable for lactose-free and vegan diets)
  • Kedgeree (curried rice with smoked mackerel, hard-boiled eggs, and peas) – usually only available at Empire

Short-order items

Available from lunchtime, we cook these items to order, in whatever combination you fancy:

  • Chips
  • Cheesy chips
  • Beef burgers in a brioche or gluten-free bun, with optional toppings such as cheese, bacon, egg, or black pudding, with sauces and salad available alongside our drinks station
  • Vegetarian and vegan burgers – usually we stock vegan bean burgers (served in a floured bap), Linda McCartney’s sausages, mozzarella burgers, spinach and mushroom burgers
  • Bacon/sausage/egg baps

Lunch and dinner specials

Our specials are cooked from scratch, using as many fresh ingredients as possible, and kept gluten-free and lactose-free wherever possible – if you have a dietary requirement, please always check with our front-of-house serving crew for clarification. Here’s a sample of typical specials over a weekend:

Friday night

  • Chicken satay with rice – One of our signature dishes, this mild peanut-based curry has a cult following. Not to be eaten if you have a nut allergy!
  • Bangers & mash with onion gravy – a hearty classic. Vegetarian or gluten-free sausages available on request, and our gravy is always gluten-free.

Saturday lunchtime

  • Chicken & chorizo bake, with baby potatoes, red onions and peppers – this all-in-one dish is incredibly popular and always sells out.
  • Pulled pork served in a bap, with warm apple sauce and/or BBQ sauce. As a veggie/vegan alternative, we will be looking into doing pulled jackfruit.
  • Vegetable tagine – a Moroccan-style vegan stew with mild, warm spices, served with rice.

Saturday night

  • Haggis, neeps and tatties with a creamy whisky sauce – a fan favourite, with vegetarian haggis also available. We bring the haggis from our local catering outlets in Scotland.
  • Hoi sin beef in tomato, with rice – a Chinese-style stew with beef and vegetables in a rich tomato sauce with a hoi sin base.

Sunday lunch

  • Fajitas in tortilla wraps, with salad – a choice of fajita-spiced chicken or quorn with onions and peppers, cheese, salsa, and salad.
  • Macaroni cheese – pasta in a rich, cheesy bechamel sauce, another firm favourite

Most events end by the middle of Sunday afternoon, so we only serve Sunday dinner at Empire, for all the volunteer crew.