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Mhorish at Curious Pastimes events

We always try to make our menus inclusive and accessible for all, to cater for a variety of tastes. We know larpers tend to be hungry, tired, and cold, and in need of a hearty portion of something hot, balanced, and delicious to give the strength and the will to take on any challenges or surprises. Our events tend to fall into two categories – larger, festival-style events where we can be catering up to 1000 people per meal out of tents alongside other caterers, or smaller events within pre-existing facilities, where we will feed 20-100 people as sole caterer.

Large Events

The menu at our larger events has our cult classics like chicken satay, freshly hunted haggis (they’re not too bright here in Muirkirk, so we always manage to hunt plenty to feed hungry players!) with all the trimmings including a whiskey sauce, our 6 item fry up for breakfast (perfect for those of you with sore heads and sensitive stomachs), and the fried rice that flies out the door on Sunday afternoons, so get in there quick!

We also have an extensive and varied short order menu. Fancy a burger? Cheese burger? BACON cheese burger? Absolutely you can! Chips? Naturally! Gluten free? Not a problem! Vegetarian or vegan? We can cater for you too! Allergic to what feels like everything? Give us 20 minutes and we’ll make something just for you. “Never let a player go hungry” is our motto, and we intend to stick to it!

Smaller Events

While we can bring cult classics with us to the smaller events, why not work with us to create the kind of menu that suits your event?

Wanting something to suit your Post-Apoc game? We’ll bring enough spam and corned beef and baked beans to feed a small army. Got a fancy banquet planned? We make apple roses by hand. Wanting a more authentic feel to your medieval themed event? We can do that too. Running a military based event? We’ve got you covered. Why should your meal times be out of character if you don’t want them to be?

Crew parties

Nothing says thank you to a group of volunteers and dedicated crew like feeding them at the end of the event. We cater for the Profound Decisions crew on the Sunday evening of events, and can easily cater a thank you meal for your crew should you need it. We’ve served a wide variety of food at crew parties such as a full roast dinner, curries, the odd risotto, and a spread of cakes (including gluten and dairy free options!) for afters.

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