Offa Studio wins at the 2018 Larp Awards

We are delighted to announce that Andy Rimmer’s Offa Studio won the Larp Producer of the Year in the Foam/Latex category! This is fantastic news for Andy, who is understood to be chuffed to little nutkins and very grateful to everyone who voted for him and said nice things, such as:

“Absolutely stunning one-off pieces at reasonable prices. Andy is a thoroughly lovely & decent chap, with an amazing imagination & the talent to build you the item of your dreams (or nightmares – either/or).​”


“Consistently high-quality work and customer service. He’s offered bespoke pieces and volunteered to teach people skills at events I’ve run, where people are making and creating their own costume and props. Amazing supportive trader with stunning weapons.​”


“An amazing producer, growing from strength to strength and creating amazing bespoke items.”

Andy had this to add:

” I’d like to just thank everyone who’s supported me, bought my work, took the time to nominate me- I’d especially like to thank Jane Littlest, Seàn and Jackie Maguire, and of course Simon Medlock for originally teaching me – way back in 1991.”

It’s not all reflected glory…

The rest of us here in Muirkirk also had a really strong showing at the “Larpies” this year, with every part of the Skian Mhor collective getting shortlisted for a 2018 Larp Award (full list of categories and winners here). We’ve added some of the reasons given for the nominations too.

Skian Mhor – In-Field Retailer of the Year shortlist

“Genuine life savers”

“Going in and seeing all of the custom foam and latex work is amazing.​ Seàn has been supplying consistently high quality kit to Larpers since 1993.”

“He’s been the first to do so many things, and his build standards are second to none.”

Lamia Leather – Larp Producer of the Year – Leather category shortlist

“For amazing and unique designs, and for outstanding quality”​

“Their beautiful craftsmanship and good-quality products are stunning. They are always coming up with new ideas and are just lovely people.​”

“Good workmanship and hard wearing.”

Mhorish Catering – Larp Caterer of the Year shortlist

“Seàn and crew make it look easy but producing quality, homey food in a field for 1000+ people is no mean feat. They have been true lifesavers and professionals at every event where I’ve had the pleasure of being a customer of theirs.​”

“For still keeping the feel of a pleasant eatery despite catering to many many hungry larpers at a time.”

“I got a vegetarian haggis.”

And finally, the Creature Costume of the Year shortlist included the War Rhino Mark II at Empire, which was an Even Mhor project.

Extra congratulations should go to our close friends Golden Apple for their runner-up award for Bard of the Year.

When interrupted mid-celebration, Seàn had this to say:

“We’re all delighted and thankful to have been nominated and shortlisted this year, and this will definitely give us a spring in our step as we regroup for a busy Larp season ahead. Well, it will once this snow has melted and we feel safe to bounce about like baby goats again! Seriously though, I’m very proud of what we’ve all achieved this year, and all the hard work we’ve put in really seems to be paying off. Pass me the cheese, would you?”