Product Description

Curious Pastimes players, come and get your meal ticket for CP Event 1, 2019! For each meal ticket, you get:

  • All of your meals over the course of the event, from Thursday dinner (or your preferred starting meal up until Saturday breakfast) to Monday lunchtime, at a cost of £5 per meal. This can get you a six-item breakfast or porridge in the morning, or a meal from our short order menu, or one of our delicious specials throughout the day into the evening,
  • Food at last year’s prices, protected from whatever Brexit might potentially do to food costs, and
  • A built-in bring-your-own bowl discount on your meals – individually-bought meals would usually cost you around 50p extra if you use one of ours.

How it works

If you buy your meal ticket now, and come to Mhorish at the beginning of the event, give us your name – you will be on our list. 

Our lovely front-of-house crew will give you your meal ticket and ask if you’d like to buy a Mhorish Dozen for £5 (usually £10 for thirteen drinks on its own) – just bring the ticket(s) in to get punched by the Front of House when you want a meal or a drink – and don’t forget your bowls and cups!

This deal will be available until 20th April 2019 – after that, meal tickets will be available at the event from Thursday dinnertime until the end of Saturday breakfast. After that point, meals can be bought individually.

You can still purchase a Mhorish Dozen for half-price when you pick up your pre-ordered meal tickets. If you’d prefer to buy your meal ticket at the event, you can still claim a Mhorish Dozen for half-price with a meal ticket.

On Brexit, and our prices

While we do not want to change any of our meal prices this year if we can help it, it is impossible to fully predict what effects a potential no-deal Brexit will have on food prices (current local government predicts a rise of 20-25% in the event of no-deal). We do, and will always, try to keep running costs low, but we still need to remain a viable business delivering good food to our valued customers. As such, we will be reviewing our pricing as and when absolutely necessary, and cannot commit to any particular pricing structure ahead of time.