Product Description

Whether you’re a tanker or a trooper, wherever or whenever you’re from, some truths remain eternal. Ours is that an army marches on its stomach – and it’s our job to fill those stomachs at this year’s TankLARP.

For £38, you can eat at the Mhorish mess (don’t forget your mess tins), and you will get:

  • Friday dinner
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday
  • Sunday breakfast
  • Tea, coffee, and squash on an unrationed basis
  • Occasional unintended entertainment for the troops from our somewhat shell-shocked mess officers, and
  • Possibly some biscuits, depending on what we can requisition.

Upon ordering your meal ticket, you will be added to a list and issued with your food at the appointed times during the event. All personnel are reminded to advise us in advance of any dietary requirements in the ‘notes’ section of the purchase, and advise mess officers of your declared requirements when being issued your food. No marching is to occur on stomachs declared FUBAR.

Menu is yet to be confirmed, though early recon missions report that the food is likely to be delicious.

Roll out!