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Welcome to Skian Mhor

We supply to live role play (LRP), film, theatre, and TV settings, and specialise in designing and making a wide range of

  • props
  • special effects
  • masks, and
  • latex & foam weapons.

We have over thirty years of experience in creating custom pieces to fit a wide variety of settings, from medieval to post-apocalyptic, steampunk, myth, fantasy and any combination of the above, with optional added zombies.

At present we are still building this website, so our gallery and shop aren’t up yet. However, if you think that we might be able to make something that you’re after, please do get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be delighted to help.

We have a Skian Mhor stall at many LRP events during the year where we sell a wide selection of our props, weapons, masks and prosthetics, costume pieces, and Lamia Leather costume, armour and accessories. There you can browse a variety of our ready-made pieces, discuss a custom creation, or pick up items that you have previously ordered.

We also offer in-character catering as Mhorish at many of the events that we attend, feeding fresh, delicious food at reasonable prices to players, crew, and other event attendees.

We ship within the UK via Royal Mail as standard, or you can come and visit us in our workshop in beautiful Ayrshire. Contact us if you would like your creation shipped internationally. We have previously shipped as far afield as Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and America.

‘Skian Mhor’ means ‘massive sword’ in Celtic, and for the past twenty years that’s what we’ve been making. Unfortunately we’re not sure what the Celtic for ‘latex’ would be, as all our weapons are made from LRP-safe latex, whether they are indeed massive swords, or axes, small daggers, frying pans or fire extinguishers; as a rule, if you can use it as a weapon, chances are that we can make a LRP-safe prop version. We also make a wide variety of props such as potion bottles, mana crystals, and modified Nerf guns. We are happy to quote for a number or identical items or single items, with no minimum price for custom orders.

We can also make larger set pieces, from hydraulic moving monsters for fairgrounds to the arena at Profound Decisions’ Odyssey. Under our partner business Even Mhor, we will work with you to design and build your ideas.