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Skian Mhor is a family business started by Seán and Jackie Maguire to make LRP weapons, props, and SFX, shortly after Seán got involved with live role-playing in 1994. The business started out in a premises in Lesmahagow, before moving to our current premises in Ayrshire in 2009. The Muirkirk workshop was initially a derelict former textiles factory that has been transformed into two separate workshops, an office, and living quarters for the Maguire family. The workshop is the base of Mhorish and Skian Mhor, all of which are collaborative efforts between the same overall team, and we have recently expanded to include Steve Kingston of Lamia Leathers and Andy Rimmer of Offa Studio as part of the collective of talent based with us.

Future plans for the workshop include adding further accommodation and converting part of the building into a spaceship set, with plans for running/hosting our own LRP games at some point.

In the past, we have provided weapons, props, set pieces, moving creatures, masks, and SFX to a wide range of productions in TV/film, theatre, LRP, and carnivals. The foam bats that were used in TV’s Fun House back in the day were made by Seán.

Skian Mhor and our associated businesses have worked with Profound Decisions, one of the UK’s largest LRP organisers, for about ten years, and in that time we have provided:

  • set pieces (e.g. the arena at Odyssey),
  • facilities (e.g. the ‘LRP Hotel’ at Maelstrom, the in-character toilets at Empire),
  • all manner of monstrosities (e.g. the three new Buffalorosaurus at Empire), and
  • food for players and crew (Mhorish was started as a response to a request for catering), not to forget
  • so many weapons, masks, props, mana crystals, potion bottles, and the like, that naming particular example items is like choosing a raindrop in a monsoon.
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Collectively, we act as a community, both locally in Muirkirk (Seán sits on a number of local committees) and in the wider LRP community as a whole, working collaboratively with game organisers to help create immersive worlds for players. If you are a game organiser with something up your sleeve that you could use some practical assistance with, do get in touch with us – our team has a wide variety of skills in designing and creating all kinds of creatures for a wide variety of settings.

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  1. Hi Sean, Hi Jackie, I hope you’re both well and you had a good season! I sent you a box of masks back in March (I think), did you manage to sell many? I deleted my Facebook account (so many adverts, it was driving me crazy) so unfortunately I don’t have access to our chat on Messenger any more.

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