Weapon care and safety notes

With good care taken, a Skian Mhor latex/foam weapon can last for years.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best life for yours, with a few safety pointers thrown in for good measure.

  • Never stab with your weapon; always use a cutting or hitting action.
  • Never rest the weapon on its tip; always store it flat, or with the pommel/handle down.
  • Never use the weapon against anything other than another latex weapon or an adversary who is safely kitted out.
  • Never allow the weapon to come into contact with solvents such as petrol or oil.
  •  Never allow the weapon to have prolonged contact with any copper or copper alloys such as brass – this is because latex is an organic material and will react to the copper in such a way that it will initially stain, and then break down completely.
  • Never keep your weapon in strong sunlight for prolonged periods, such as the back seat of your car on a hot day , or keeping it on display in your window (however tempted you may be).
  • Never hit an opponent above the shoulders, unless they are wearing adequate protection; head hits are dangerous – even though the weapons are made of foam and rubber, they still hurt!
  • Always remember to pull your blows, and do not strike with your full body weight; not only is this in the rules of LARP, you can seriously injure your opponents, not to mention breaking your weapon.
  • Never use a weapon if the latex is torn, or the core inside is loose or can be felt through the foam.
  • If the surface of your weapon becomes ‘tacky’, then it can be re-coated with a silicon emulsion (available through the  Skian Mhor shop)
  • If the weapon becomes dirty or muddy, then clean it by wiping with a cloth or sponge soaked in hot soapy water. Do not immerse the weapon in water, as this will damage  the latex coating and affects the inner structure of the weapon adversely.
  • After cleaning, the weapon may benefit from a new coat of silicon emulsion; this will increase the weapon’s water resistance, reduce the surface tack of the weapon, and brighten up its appearance.
  • With age, a slight yellowing may become apparent; this is a normal reaction to UV light, and can be delayed by keeping your weapons away from strong sunlight.

If you have any further questions regarding weapon care and safety, please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.